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PLEASE NOTE. It is with regret that the indigo vat packs have been withdrawn for sale online due to Health and Safety delivery regulations and are no longer available to purchase online. A limited supply of dye packs may be available at events.

This unique shibori product range includes indigo packs and iron rust packs; shibori stitch instruction, shibori stencils, and project packs with new designs being introduced. Please note that all dye packs are made to order.

If you would like Callishibori products at your group meeting or other event please contact Jane.

A limited selction is available at workshops and presentations and a full selection at shows.

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Book 2000 Pattern Combinations - A step by step guide to creating pattern by Jane Callender
Please note OUT OF STOCK from this website.
Now published in Japan in Japanese.                  

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The book includes a chapter devoted to patterning with stitched shibori
motifs which offers many insights into the technique. For further
information on the book do visit the Publications Page.
UK p&p add £5.00 Overseas customers please email first.

These dye packs all contain ferrous sulphate crystals. They are presented with full instructions for the dyeing procedure and oxidization. The three motifs, exclusive to callishibori, also have full shibori instructions with clear diagrams. The stitching would be successful for indigo shibori also.

Dye bath only

4-5 pints

Shibori guidelines

£14.00  Ref:OC/a

Orange Grove

2-3 pints

Full shibori instrcut.

£12.00  Ref:OC/b

Orange Blossom

2-3 pints

Full shibori instruct.

£12.00  Ref:OC/c

Mock Orange

2-3 pints

Full shibori instruc.

£12.00  Ref:OC/d


These indigo dye kits contain indigo grains and a reducing agent for the various vat sizes specified. Extra reducing agent is supplied to prolong the life of the vat. They come with step by step instruction on how to make up the vat, how to revive it and are also accompanied by informaiton on indigo and how it works. There are guidelines for dyeing fabrics which have been prepared for shibori - tie dye - resists, but they do not contain any specific shibori instruction. The two pint pack is ideal for threads, silk and fine, light weight cotton fabric.

Overseas Customers will be supplied with an alternative reducing agent to comply with Health and Safety shipping regulations.

Indigo supplies. This unique service will supply you with the correct amount of indigo and reducing agent (plus extra reducing agent to sharpen the vat) for the vat size that you specify. This avoids wastage of odd amounts, and potential hazards. Please contact Jane to discuss your requirements.
A consultancy service
is available for schools who wish to set up and maintain an indigo vat for shibori, batik and other textile projects.

Two gallons

£20.00  Ref:IP/a

One gallon

£14.00  Ref:IP/b

Two Pint Pack

£10.00  Ref:IP/c

Supplies 3-16 gals.

Please contact us. Ref:IP/d

SHIBORI STITCH RESIST AND BOUND RESIST                         Shibori Instruction
These little packs are crammed with information on the stitched shibori (tie dye) patterns shown and include clear diagrams on drafting up the designs. The Three Leaves are an excellent start to a stitch resist venture as they offer three very different approaches to stitching. They are also available separately. The images below show indigo on 100% cotton fabric. However, the technique can be used on other fabrics with other dyes and colours, but of course the results will be different.

2 Florets



A clearer look

at the florets,

One stitched

one bound.

3 Leaves



Blueleaf A



Blueleaf B



Blueleaf C




SCULPTURAL STITCH RESIST                                                   Shibori Instruction

Image soon

This pack contains the stitch instructions and the process by which you can retain a sculptural effect for all three leaves.  

They are not sold separately.

A great introduction to an altogether different outcome.

3d Leaves







A fine, three ply anti rot thread,  this slides through the fabric with ease making it ideal for shibori. This seriously strong thread comes highly recommended.


500 meter spools.

This is a medium weight cotton in a tight weave. Quite silky, it holds

a crease well and displays shibori marks very clearly.

Other fabrics soon!

75 cm square

Strong thread

£5.00  Ref:PR1


Cotton Poplin

£3.00  Ref:PR2


SHIBORI STENCILS                                                                  Shibori Instruction
All stencils and templates are made in strong plastic and are etched with the callishibori logo.
Jane has designed and used stencils for shibori for many years. Combined with her experience on stitch resist techniques, pleasing and successful results on a variety of fabrics are assured with the selection of stencils below. Coupled with your imagination, an endless number of shibori patterns and designs can be created, both traditional and innovative. They come in two gauges to suit different weights of fabric and can achieve very different effects. N for narrow guage, and W for wide seen clearly in the Rokkakkei images. New images of larch and square will be posted in due course.

These stencils are intricately cut and are presented with clear diagrams and guidelines for use. Options and ideas for you to develop your own patterns are included. Their use is suitable for shibori resists and for achieving a three dimensional effect. If you are unsure which one to choose, please contact Jane. More designs will be posted in due course!

Larch N

£6.95  Ref:ST/1Ln

Larch W

£6.95  Ref:ST/1Lw

Square N

£6.95  Ref:ST/2Sn

Square W

£6.95  Ref:ST/2Sw

These stencils work well with

3 leaves

stitch pack

Rokkakkei N



Rokkakkei W






Dorothy150 mm


Out of stock

Lucy 207 mm.




SHIBORI CHAIN PATTERN (new name - originally Moonbeam)                         Shibori Instruction

This stitch resist pattern was inspired by the Japanese Hinode pattern, meaning Sunrise. The stencils for creating the pattern are in three different sizes. They work well for an overall pattern and linear designs such as borders. The stitch resists shown have been worked on a medium weight cotton poplin.  Results will depend on the fabric you choose. The fabric weights specified are guidelines.


Fine cottons,

some silks




Fine & med weightt cottons some silks




Med to heavier weight cottons



Set of three

The patterns work well together when used on one piece.



Detail of large chain. Variations in resists can be achieved through stitch and choice of fabric.

SHIBORI TEMPLATES SMALL                                                                    Shibori Instruction

These five lovely shapes come with full stitch instruction for 5b and guidelines on how to create the resist infill for the others. They come as bold shapes with a registration key, not intircately cut as the stencils above. Pattern placement ideas are suggestedfor maximum creative use. Sizes are shown beneath each design. The stitch resists shown have been worked on a medium weight cotton poplin.  Results will depend on the fabric you choose.

Sold as one pack of five.

Template 1b

height 15 cm

Template 2b

height 13 cm

Template 3b

height 14 cm

Template 4b

height 17 cm

Template 5b

height 11.2

FIVE SMALL LEAVES  Ref: Tem/5SM  £15.00

Template 5b limited, to be replaced with a new shape

SHIBORI TEMPLATES   LARGE                                                                  Shibori Instruction

Each of the five large leaf shapes come with its own shibori instruction and the shape for the smaller design (which can be seen above) is included - so two shapes. Also offered are options for stitching and suggestions as to how to place the templates effectively. Sizes are shown beneath each design. The stitch resists shown have been worked on a medium weight cotton poplin.  Results will depend on the fabric you choose.

Template 5a limited, soon to be replaced with a new shape.

Sold individually. See above for the small template.

Template 1a (&b)

height 29 cm

Ref. Tem/Lg 1a


Template 2a (&b)

height 24.5 cm

Ref. Tem/Lg 2a


Template 3a (&b)

height 25 cm

Ref.Tem/Lg 3a


Template 4a(&b)

height 28 cm

Ref.Tem/Lg 4a


Template 5a(&b)

height 25 cm

Ref. Tem/Lg 5a


SHIBORI STARTER PATTERNS                                                          Dye and shibori

Please Note: Regrettably, because these packs contain indigo they have had to be withdrawn. However they will re-appear on a new website, currently under construction, for motif and shibroi instruction only. Each packs contains a 40 cm sq piece of cotton fabric ready marked up with the design shown. Full instructions with diagrams for working the shibori techniques. Indigo and reducing agent for a one gallon vat with clear instructions for making the vat and its use.

See Getting Started

These three deisigns are only  avaiable from the website and are made to order.

Floral Burst

£18.99  Ref:SP/1

Karamatsu Burst £18.99  Ref:SP/2

Three leaves

£18.99  Ref:SP/3


Regretably withdrawn

Contains cotton poplin fabric (51 cm x 22 cm) and silk for the the lining. Includes instruction on design; how to work mokume shibori; how to construct the bag. Contains Indigo and reducing agent for a one gallon vat with instructions.

Image shows motif on the reverse side of the bag.



Regretably withdrawn
Contents: Silk/viscose velvet 40 cm x 117 cm. Diagrams and instruction for design and pattern including three separate binding methods and stitch technique. Options are offered for making up the scarf. Indigo and reducing agent for a half strength 2 gallon indigo vat.



Transform these 100% cotton shoulder bags with shibori. Width 36.5 cm x 43 cm. This example shows the use of two stencils, Chain large and 'Dorothy'.



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