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 Getting Started
 Jane Callender
Getting Started  

Callishibori has made it as convenient as possible for you to get started with indigo shibori dyeing by supplying indigo ingredients in small amounts, and by designing a variety of patterns with shibori instruction.

Vat packs and dye baths

These contain the dye ingredients for either Indigo or Iron rust.

Project packs and starter patterns.

These contain fabric, dye and shibori instruction.

Stitched shibori instruction Ori-nui

Shibori stitch resist instruction on its own or combined with a stencil designed for pattern development.

The indigo vat

A full strength hydrosulphite vat is used throughout. The indigo supplied is 60% indigo grains and the reducing agent is hydros. The vat does not have to be heated, and can be made up in plastic buckets or small dustbins, with smaller vats, such as the 'Two Pint Pack' being made up in glass containers. All should have tight fitting lids. Ideal containers are narrow and tall or have small openings. Overseas customers will be suppled with an alternative reducing agent to comply with Health and Safety Shipping regulations. See image.

A fresh vat dyes up strong, deep shades of blue after many dips. You will find rinsing the fabric through after 2 or 3 dips beneficial in building up the deepest shades. As the indigo content diminishes in the vat, it will yield paler shades. These are carried beautifully on silks.

Consideration needs to be given to the period of oxidization between the dips. This time is as important as the preparation and the dyeing. The fabric will need to be hung up on a plastic clothes airer for instance, and a drip tray is advised. Alternatively, if the shibori is an awkward or heavy shape, a mesh of some sort to place it on, with a drip tray underneath, is ideal.

Ferrous Sulphate dye bath

Ferrous, in its various states, was known to alchemists in India, China and Spain; to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians.'The Orange Collection' is a range introduced in October 08 using this mineral dye. Ideal for shibori, it holds a marked and effective tonal range yielding either delicate and subtle hints or a vivid colour option. The dye  bath needs to be heated so suitable containers are required. It can also be used in conjunction with indigo.

Details appear next to each item on the Products page.

You can use your finished fabric as a basis for embroidery, a patchwork and quilting project, perhaps a cushion. Or it can be enjoyed as indigo shibori in its own right. Should you feel happier to start this adventure at a workshop, please visit the Workshops page.

Callishibori can also supply larger amounts of indigo and hydros for specified vat sizes. See Indigo supplies on the Products page.





Indigo and iron rust with Chain stencil shibori.
Artist Student Susan Fletcher

It really is the colour of rusty iron!