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enabling you to create shibori and experience the magic of indigo
Gallery 2 Commissions undertaken


These shibori textiles have been dyed with indigo and other dyes. Includes machine stitched shibori.


'Waterways' 150 cm square approx. Indigo and permanganate.

Hand stitched shibori worked on silk/wool brocade.



'Moss Check'  120 cm sq approx £575.00
Machined resist worked on light weight silk brocade.


'Wood grid' 100 cm sq Cotton
Machined resist on Swiss cotton with woven interest.



Approx. 90 cm diametre. Fine cotton with silk like handle.  




'Trellis' Lace shibori. 100 cm sq. Cotton Sold
A lace insert has been worked with bound and stitched shibori.

'Star Burst' Private collection 160 cm sq. Cotton Sold

Hand stitched resist


Striped Silk brocade
Explores light and pattern.



'Wood block'  App 130 cm x 200 cm. Private collection Sold
Stitched with bound and reserved detail on heavy grid slubbed silk


'Wood grid' 100 cm sq Cotton
Machined resist on Swiss Liberty cotton with woven interest.