Callishibori Blue Leaf Studio - 01986 788644
enabling you to create shibori and experience the magic of indigo
Gallery 1
Commissions undertaken.
Shibori art textiles dyed in indigo.  
'Spin' 100cm sq
Stitch resist on cotton

'Dandelion' appeared in the January '10 edition of

Vogue Living.

Stitched and bound shibori worked on heavy silk gold brocade. 

'\indigo Spring' 150 cm sq. Cotton poplin.

'Kaleidoscope' 150 cm sq. Cotton poplin.  This piece was exhibited in a major touring exhibition throughout 2007 'Indigo - a blue to dye for'.

'Chain' Worked with a wax resist border.




'Indigo Squared' 1994/5 100 cm. sq.
Stitch resist with bound detail on cotton lawn.